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Coordinated Experiments DATA ARCHIVE


Workpackage 4.4: Sources of predictability in current and future climate

Leader: Laurent Terray(CERFACS, )

Objectives: To study the mecahnisms that may enhance the predictability of the climate system, and assess their role through the RT2 experiments, or through dedicated numerical simulations.

Task 4.4a: Design a general framework for the analysis of participating models.

Task 4.4b: Assess the role of snow and hydrology in the predictability of climate.

Task 4.4c: Assess the potential predictability of the North Atlantic region at interannual and decadal timescales.

Task 4.4d: Investigate the vertical structure of weather and climate regimes in several re-analysis products and the potential role of the stratosphere.


Intitution Participant Email address
CERFACS Laurent Terray (PI)
CNRM Herve Douville
UREADMM Rowen Sutton
IfM- Kiel Mojib Latif
  Noel Keenlyside
DMI Bo Christiansen
CNRS-IPSL Jean Philippe Duvel
  Jérôme Vialard
ISAC-CNR Susanna Corti
ECMWF F J Doblas-Reyes
  Antje Weisheimer













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