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ENSEMBLES RT4 Coordinated Experiments


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Under the EU ENSEMBLES project, it was agreed that a set of coordinated time slice experiments would be designed to investigate and understand factors controlling climate at selected time periods (e.g. 1850, 2000, 2050). These experiments will be conducted with both atmospheric and coupled GCMs. Specific experiments will be designed to investigate issues such as the role of specific feedbacks, sensitivity to resolution, and sensitivity to oceanic initial conditions.

This is a cross cutting activity in ENSEMBLES Research Theme 4, linking Work Packages 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4

Broad Aims

  • Understanding climate, and climate forecast uncertainty (WP4.4), at a mechanistic/process level, particularly in terms of the role of specific feedbacks (WP4.1), the regional patterns of climate change (WP4.2), and the factors governing the frequency and characteristics of extreme events (WP4.3).

  • Add value to the information available from the core ENSEMBLE hindcasts, forecasts and scenario integrations.

  • Need a simple core set of experiments so that they can be done by all groups (including where possible, different model resolutions).



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