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Plans and progress

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Workpackage 4.1: Feedbacks and climate surprises

Leader: Pierre Friedligstein (CNRS-IPSL)

Objectives: To study the role of feedbacks processes on the amplitude of climate change and the possible occurance of climate surprises.

Task 4.1a: Analysis and evaluation of the physical processes involved in the water vapour and cloud feedbacks.

Task 4.1b: Quantification of the climate-carbon cycle feedback, with a specific focus on terrestrial carbon cycle sensitivity to climate change.

Task 4.1c: Explore the effects of non-linear feedbacks in the atmosphere-land-ocean-cryosphere system and the risks of abrupt climate change/climate surprises.


Intitution Participant Email address
CNRS-IPSL Pierre Friedlingstein (PI)
  Jean-Louis Dufresne

  Sandrine Bony

CNRS-LGGE Christophe Genthon
METO-HC Cath Senior
  Richard Betts

  Pete Falloon
UCL-ASTR Thierry Fichefet
  Olivier Arzel
CNRM David Salas y Melia

NERSC Helge Drange

  Nils Gunnar Kvamstø

  Asgeir Sorteberg














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