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Workpackage 4.3: Understanding Extreme Weather and Climate Events

Leader: Panagiotis Maheras (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH))

Objectives: To study the statistics of extreme weather conditions, or extreme events, study their statistics and the conditions that favour their occurrence, and their modifications through climate change.

Task 4.3a: Development and use of methodologies for the estimation of extreme event probabilities.

Task 4.3b: Exploring the relationships between extreme events, weather systems and the large-scale atmospheric circulation/climate regimes.

Task 4.3c: The influence of anthropogenic forcings on the statistics of extreme events


Intitution Participant Email address
UREADMM David Stephenson
  Caio Coelho
  Chris Ferro
CERFACS Laurent Terray
  Eduardo da Costa
KNMI Frank Selten
  Adri Buishand
  Geert Jan van Oldenborgh
NERSC Dag Johan Steinskog
  Nils Gunnar Kvamstø
  Helge Drange
AUTH Panagiotis Maheras (PI)
  Helena Flocas
  Effie Kostopoulou
  Christina Anagnostopoulou
  Konstantia Tolika
  Maria Hatzaki
IfM Noel Keenlyside
  Mojib Latif
  Ernst Bedacht
INGV Silvio Gualdi
UEA Tom Holt
UNIFR Martin Beniston













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