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Plans and progress

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Coordinated Experiments DATA ARCHIVE


Workpackage 4.0: management of RT4

Leader: Julia Slingo (UREADMM), Jean-Louis Dufresne (CNRS-IPSL)

Objectives: To provide management and coordination of activities within RT4. Integration across the RT will be achieved through a series of Workshops and by coordinated time-slice experiments.

Task 4.0a: Ensure that deliverables and milestones for the project are met in a timely fashion and
that progress reports, as specified by the ENSEMBLES Project Co-ordinator, are provided.

Task 4.0b: Set-up and management of an internal web site for the RT, which will hold
information such as contact details, minutes of meetings and progress reports, design of and
results from the coordinated time slice experiments. Details of publications relevant to RT4 will
also be maintained.

Task 4.0c: Organization of a workshop during the first year of the project to discuss the key
science issues for RT4, and to agree priorities for years 2-5 (Month 12).

Task 4.0.d: Arrange meetings with those groups participating in the coordinated time slice
experiments to design the integrations and formulate a detailed plan (Month 18).

Task 4.0.e: At later stages in the project, organise meetings as required of the whole RT and
those that are participating in the coordinated experimentation. The purpose of these meetings
will be to exchange results and discuss priorities for future activities. Where feasible, these will
be combined with the annual meetings of the whole ENSEMBLES consortium.

Task 4.0.f: Ensure that linkages with other RTs are maintained and that results relevant to other
RTs are communicated in a timely fashion.


Intitution Participant Email address
UREADMM Julia Slingo (Leader)
  Maria Noguer
CNRS-IPSL Jean-Louis Dufresne (Leader)
  Pierre Friedlingstein (WP4.1)
INGV Silvio Gualdi (WP4.2)
UREADMM Panagiotis Maheras(WP4.3)
CERFACS Laurent Terray (WP4.4)













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