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Workpackage 4.2: Mechanisms of regional-scale change and the impact of climate change on natural climate variability

Leader: Silvio Gualdi (INGV, Intituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia)

Objectives: To study the mecahnisms to assess the regional features of climate change, including changes that may result from a modification of the patterns of natural variability.

Task 4.2a: Study the low-frequency variability of the meridional overturning circulation (MOC) in the coupled integrations performed within the PREDICATE project. Design and set up a set of coordinated time-slice experiments to study the role of land-ocean contrasts and ENSO.

Task 4.2b: Validation and use of the Ensemble System Models to study interannual variability in long multi-century experiments or large ensembles of multi-decadal experiments. Study of the 11-year solar cycle and its impacts on the climate system.

Task 4.2c: Study the processes responsibles for regional climatic variability in key areas (Indian Ocean, ocean heat uptake areas).


Intitution Participant Email address
INGV Silvio Gualdi (PI)
  Annalisa Cherchi

  Alessio Bellucci

CERFACS Laurent Terray
  Christophe Cassou
UREADMM Julia Slingo
  Rowan Sutton
  Eric Guilyardi

  Andy Turner

CNRM David Salas y Melia
  Herve Douville  
NERSC Helge Drange
  Yongqi Gao

  Ingo Bethke

IfM-Kiel Mojib Latif
  Noel Keenlyside
ICTP Franco Molteni
  Annalisa Bracco
MPIMET Marco Giorgetta
  Hauke Schmidt



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