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ENSEMBLES RT4: Deliverables and Milestones

Summary of Deliverables and Milestones for the first 18 months are shown in the table below:

Del No Deliverable and Milestones Lead Participant Delivery date Status
D4.0.1 Development of the RT4 Website UREADMM 12 Done
D4.0.2 Design of coordinated time-slice experiments UREADMM 18 Report
M4.0.1 Workshop on RT4 key issues and priorities UREADMM 12 completed
D4.1.1 Characterisation of the water vapour and cloud feedbacks in responsse to aontropogenic forcing CNRS-IPSL 18 Report
D4.1.2 Analysis of the results from the first phase of the Coupled Climate Carbon Cycle Intercomparison Project (C4MIP) CNRS-IPSL 18 Report
M4.1.1 Development of methodologies to explore climate feedbacks 12 completed
M4.1.2 Assessment of feedbacks in existing simulations 18 completed
D4.2.1 Characterisation of modes of large scale, low frequency climate variability in existing climate model control simulations INGV 18 Report
M4.2.1 Design and start coordinated time-slice experiments 18 Report
D4.3.1 Statistical methods for identifying regimes and estimating extreme-value tail probabilities UREADMM 18 Report
M4.3.1 Development of methodologies to explore climate variability and extreme events 18 Report
D4.4.1 Synthesis of current estimates and mechanisms of predictability CERFACS 18 due in month 24
M4.4.1 Development of methodologies to explore climate variability and predictability 18 due in month 24
M4.4.2 Assessment of climate variability, predictability in existing simulations CERFAFS 18 due in month 24
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