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Plans and progress

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Coordinated Experiments DATA ARCHIVE


Coordinated Time-slice Experiments

Leader: Rowan Sutton (University of Reading)

Objective: Controlled experiments repeated with several different climate models to advance understanding of the factors/processes controlling future climate and related uncertainty in climate forecasts.

A series of coordinated time-slice experiments are planned within RT4 as a cross-cutting activity linking all the Work Packages. The experiments will be designed to investigate and understand factors controlling climate at selected time periods (e.g. 1850, 2000, 2050). The experiments will be conducted with both atmospheric and coupled GCMs. Specific experiments will be designed to investigate issues such as the role of specific feedbacks, sensitivity to resolution, and sensitivity to oceanic initial conditions.

Draft proposal for the ENSEMBLES RT4 Coordinated Experiments (PDF format)

Participating Partners:

|Institute Participant Email
UREADMM Rowan Sutton  
CERFACS Laurent Terray  
CNRM Jean-Francois Royer  
INGV Silvio Gualdi  
NERSC Helge Drange  
IfM-Kiel Mojib Latif  
ICTP Franco Molteni  

The following table summarises the different integrations that each group is planning to perform within this coordinated experiments framework

Group Atmosphere Coupled CMIP experiment  

ARPEGE-climat v3? T63/L45

1. ARPEGE-climat v3? T63+OPA8+GELATO (ice)

2. ARPEGE-climat v3? T63+slab ocean+GELATO


Yes (including stabilisation to 2xCO2 and 4xCO2)  
CERFACS ARPEGE-climat v4 T63 ARPEGE-climat v4 + OPA9 (by end 2005) Yes (2006)  

1. ECHAM4 T30/T106

2. ECHAM4 + ORCHIDEE (land)

3. ECHAM5 T30/T106

1. ECHAM4 + mixed layer


3. ECHAM4 + ORCA2 + LIM (ice)

4. ECHAM5 + ORCA2 + LIM (ice)

Yes (which one?)  
NERSC ARPEGE v3.1 T63/L31 ARPEGE v3.1 T63/L31 + NERSC-MICOM v1.0 14deg Mercator/35 layers Yes (6 integrations with previous BCM done; integrations with new model in progress)  
IfM-Kiel ECHAM5 T106 ? In collaboration with MPI  

1. HadAM3 (2.5x3.75)

2. HadGAM1 (N144 ~1deg)

1. HadCM3 (1.35 deg ocean)

2. HiGEM (0.33 deg ocean)

HadCM3 done by Hadley HiGEM to be done 2006/07  


Coordinated Time Slice Experiments DATA ARCHIVE






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